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Upgrade your wholesale hygiene offerings with our premium, eco-friendly flushable wipes. Twipes are gentle on skin, tough on messes and kind to the environment.

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Ari Klein, Twipes Sales Team


Why Twipes?

Reduced Environmental Impact

With the ongoing use of Twipes, the CO₂ savings are huge. This is because in the life cycle analysis of Twipes, we are 80% less CO₂ intensive than the current market leader in both production and disposal.

Amplify your Sustainability

Twipes improves LEEDS scores for businesses by contributing to their waste diversion away from landfill. Twipes can help lower the carbon footprint associated with your supply chain by using eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Green Certifications that matter

Twipes are certified by INDA, EDANA and Helcom to ensure the material we make is both truly flushable and truly biodegradable, helping you meet your own sustainability goals and appeal to environmentally conscious clientele.

Flushability Standards

Wholesale FAQs

Twipes break down in water within 3 hours, and this process begins the minute they are flushed. The natural movement of water in the sewer pipes breaks down the binders in  our core technology – so our wipes stay strong in the pack and break down fast in the pipes.

Twipes passed all seven INDA and EDANA requirements indicating the highest standard of testing to be able to be labled “flushable.” 

Twipes are free from parabens, plastics, and alcohol, so they won’t dry out skin or cause irritation.

Our wet wipes have been skin tested, allergen tested and baby tested, and are dermatologically tested to be safe on skin.

We require a minimum purchase of 12 packs. Low commitment, we aim to work with companies of all sizes.

For orders larger than 20,000 packs, we require a minimum of a 6 to 8 week lead time. For anything less, lead times are typically around 2 weeks.

We operate on a net-14 system and accept card and ACH payments via our payment portal.

We would be happy to send a free sample pack – just reach out via our contact form and let us know where to ship it.

We offer custom packaging for our partners. Prices may vary and longer lead times are expected.

Our marketing team is at the ready to provide any POS materials you are looking to display, and can make custom materials at your request.