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Frequently Asked Questions

With our innovative flushable technology, we’re not just wiping away messes; we’re flushing away doubts. Explore the reasons to choose Twipes and discover the peace of mind that comes with a product designed to keep you and the environment in mind.

Dive into the details and make the switch to a cleaner, greener choice with Twipes.

Superior Toilet-Friendly Tech

Our flushable technology allows our wipes to break down immediately and to fully disperse within 3 hours. Twipes are made from wood pulp cellulose (the same as recycled paper products). Twipes are 100% gone during a standard waste water treatment cycle.

Rapid Biodegradability

If our wet wipes are not put into the toilet, they go into the bin. We got that covered. Twipes break down in a industrial landfill within 7 days. That’s one week, compaired to competitiors that can take several months or up to a year.

Comfortable on Sensitive Skin

Made with 100% natural ingredients. Twipes are only enriched with Aloe Vera and are alcohol free, dye-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic. Our wet wipes have passed extenstive skin, asthma, allergy and baby testing.

Afforable Bathroom Essential

Twipes are a premium eco-friendly product that are competitively priced for maximum value and accessibility.

In order to put our planet first, our business is built around sharing our Twipes with as many people worldwide.

Strong texture with a Thorough clean

Our wet wipes are made from a unique binding technology making them flushable but durable enough to manage messes of all sizes and able to remove residue effectively, leaving a clean and refreshed feeling.

Environmental Education for Conscious Choices

Twipes actively educates and advocates, encouraging consumers to make sustainable choices. Through our various operational certifications and charitable partnerships, we are able to ethically source our product and support our planet.

Additional FAQs

Yes, Twipes break down within water within 3 hours, and this process begins the minute they are flushed. The natural movement of water in the sewer pipes breaks down our core technology – so our wipes stay strong in the pack and break down fast in the pipes.

Twipes passed all seven INDA and EDANA requirements indicating the highest standard of testing to be able to be labeled “flushable.” 

Yes! Our wet wipes are certified biodegradable by Helcom and made from 100% wood pulp cellulose and are biodegradable in a standard industrial landfill.

Twipes wet wipes are free from parabens, plastics, and alcohol, so they won’t dry out skin or cause irritation.

We have been skin tested, allergen tested, and baby tested, and are dermatologically tested to be safe on skin.

Yes,  there is no fine print with Twipes. You can flush mutiple Twipes wet wipes at a time. Unfortunately, many competitor “flushable” wet wipes have been found intact within drain pipes months of being flushed.

You are able to purchase a monthly subscription of Twipes wet wipes in three options.

1 pack (80 wipes)

2 packs (160 wipes)

4 packs (360 wipes)

To cancel your Twipes order simple navigate to Manage Subscription, Twipe in your email address…

Twipes are currently only available online on our website and through a limited number of retailers.

If you would like to discuss selling Twipes, contact

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