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New Customer Exclusive: 20% off your first order of Twipes

Your Toilet Just Got A New Best Friend And So Did You!

Toilet-friendly wet wipes that won't harm your plumbing or the environment

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Safe to Flush

“Are they really flushable?”

Yes, Twipes wet wipes rapidly breakdown in a natural wastewater cycle immediately and fully dissolve within three hours.

+ 3-Hour Rapid Breakdown

+ No Plumbing Problem

+ Flush Mutiple Wipes at a Time

Strong and Soft

Powered by ingredients that do no harm.

Twipes strong texture, and soft fibers, removes residue effectively on the most sensative skin, leaving a clean and refreshed feeling.

+ Enriched Only with Aloe Vera

+ Hypoallergenic, Paraben-Free, Alcohol-Free, and Dye-Free

+ Safe for the Whole Family

At Twipes, we believe in a gentle, effective clean without the environmental baggage. We’ve developed a revolutionary product that offers all the features you love about wipes, but without the downsides.


Wet wipes that start breaking within minutes and are gone within 3 hours.

100% Biodegradable

Twipes are gone within 7 days, containing no micro-plastics.


No harsh irritants. Created with you and your loved ones in mind.


You found a go-to wipe that also flushes, Go you!

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New Customer Exclusive:

New Customer Exclusive: 20% off your first order of Twipes