How It Works

Use wipes a lot? Know somebody who does? This Christmas, why not gift them a year's worth of Twipes? Delivered straight to the door each month, starting from January.

Place Order

Just pop in the address you want the Twipes sent to.

Personalise it!

As a special treat for the holidays we will send a personalised card on your behalf, letting them know their year's supply of Twipes starts in Jan.

Boom. Delivered.

The year's supply of Twipes will begin in January 2020 and will be delivered monthly.

What are Twipes?

Everybody uses wipes, but Twipes are different.
Check out the key features below.

Alcohol & Paraben-free

Truly Flushable

The key feature of Twipes is that they are truly flushable and biodegradable. Fully dispersed in water in just 3 hours.

0 Hours

45 Minutes

1 Hour 30 Mins

3 Hours


Don’t take our word for it. See what our Chief Twipers think...

I probably go through a pack of makeup remover wipes each fortnight, now it feels great to know I'm helping the planet by using Twipes instead!

- Jennifer, Cheltenham

Took them with me to Download Festival and they were an absolute lifesaver!

- Liam, London

We're switiching our baby wipes to Twipes not only so Millie can grow up looking forward to a greener environment but I can feel less guilty!

- Heather & Baby Millie, Leicester


Got questions? We’ve got answers.
If there's anything else you'd like to ask, feel free to send us an email to

What can Twipes be used for?

Twipes can be used for all your personal hygiene needs. Twipes are dermatologically tested meaning they are safe for use on the face and body to remove makeup, wipe your baby's bottom or give yourself a refresh at any moment.

How many Twipes will I get?

For this holiday season special offer only, you get two packs of Twipes every month for the whole year!
Each pack has 100 wipes inside.That's 200 Twipes every month in 2020.
You lucky ducks!

What are Twipes made of?

Unlike other wet wipes, Twipes are made of wood pulp (same as recycled paper) meaning they contain absolutely no micro plastics and harsh chemicals.

What does "flushable" mean?

Twipes are certified flushable wipes by EDANA standards, as they are able to break down in water in as little as 3 hours. However,
it should be noted that there are other accreditations (e.g. the Fine to Flush standard, among others) that exist on ‘flushability’.

What is the Packaging made of?

Currently the packs for Twipes are made from recycled materials. This helps protect your Twipes whilst having a lower environmental impact. By re-using & recycling to make our packs, we have cut greenhouse gas emissions and promote the fully green philosophy of Twipes as a company!

Can I cancel my subscription / change my address?

Yes, you’re welcome to cancel your subscription prior to the first shipment. For this or to change your address, please contact us at and we can process your request.