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Your toilet just got
a new best friend
and so did you!

Our toilet-friendly and biodegradable wipes won’t harm your plumbing or the environment.

Why Twipes

With Twipes by your side, you’ll have a trusted friend that keeps things clean, fresh, and gives back to the planet we love. Here’s how Twipes stands out:


Twipes break down in 3 hours saving your pipes

No mess For Mother Nature

Biodegradable in 7 days with no micro-plastics

Alcohol and Fragrance free

Powered by ingredients that do no harm

Enriched with Aloe

Safe on sensative skin.

Traditional wipes are so last flush!

Take Twipes compared to the leading traditional *flushable* wet wipes

Did you know the term ‘flushable’ is not currently subject to government regulation?

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In the News

Twipes has been taking the world by storm with our toilet-friendly, eco-conscious wipes. Don’t just take our word for it – the news is buzzing with excitement

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