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About Twipes

Twipes are bringing clean change to a dirty industry.

We are dedicated to combating the environmental issue of wet wipes pollution by offering a sustainable alternative. We address the widespread problem of “flushable” wet wipes that harm ecosystems, clog sewage systems, and contribute to plastic waste.

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Wet Wipes

pollute our waterways and beaches each year

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To Maintain Sewers

nationally, resulting in significant operating costs

0 %

Of All Blockages

are due to wet wipes being improperly flushed

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Cost to Homeowners

The average national cost of maintence

Our Mission

Twipes innovates for a sustainable future, creating reliable, eco-friendly, and accessible personal care products.

Our Story

In a cozy restaurant setting in London, England, three friends sharing laughs found themselves discussing an unexpected topic – toilet troubles. It’s only February, and one friend confesses to not one, not two, but three toilet blockages already this year. The culprit? Supposedly “flushable” wet wipes that don’t break down.

This conversation inspired two of these friends to seek a better more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Introducing Twipes, a truly toilet-friendly wet wipe that removes the frustrating experience of clogged toilets and misleadingly labeled wet wipes.

Our founder and COO, Ellenor Mcintosh, equipped with a background in chemical and materials science, dedicated five years to research and development, culminating in the creation of Twipes in December of 2019, in collaboration with co-founder Alborz Bozorgi as CEO.

September 2015
Where it began
Twipes was Founded

Ellenor McIntosh and Alborz Bozorgi teamed up to begin four years of research and design to devlope and incorproate Twipes.

Notable Achievement
Mayor of London's Entrepreneur of the Year

Twipes co-founders won the City of London's Mayor Entrepreneur competition. 

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December 2019
Product Launch
Twipes Launched in the United Kingdom

Twipes launched manufacturing and distribution in the United Kingodom.

Notable Achievement
Co-Founder Honored with Princess Diana Award

Ellenor, the co-founder, received the 2019 Diana Award for her creation of Twipes, honoring her as one of the most inspirational young individuals in the UK and worldwide, contributing to lasting global change.

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Notable Achievement
Co-Founder Honored with Forbes 30 under 30

Ellenor McIntosh, co-founder of Twipes, has been named among the Top Young Entrepreneurs creating the products, methods and materials of tomorrow in Forbes 30 Under 30 2020, in the manufacturing and industry category.

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Notable Achievement
43 North Startup Competition Winner

Twipes became a 43 North Startup Compeition Winner, securing $1M investment from the accelerator program for seed start ups. Moving across the pond to set up headquarters in Buffalo, New York.

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Febuary 2024
Notable Achievement
Twipes was selected for Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab
Elle and Al in front of the Nasdaq sign in Times Square

Twipes was selected to participate in the Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab. An intensive five-month in-house accelerator program designed to help further develop and scale startups, culminating in a showcase presentation and Demo Day to the investor community.

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April 2023
Operations expansion
Twipes Launched in the United States

Twipes launched thier subscription service and wholesale partnerships in the United States expanding the team stateside.

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2024 Charitable partnerships

We believe in the power of partnerships to make a difference. That's why we're proud to partner with a variety of charitable organizations that are working to make the world a better place.

We Do Ethical
We Do Ethical is a charity that works to improve sustainability for people, animals, and the planet. For every 5 packs of Twipes sold, We Do Ethical plants one tree.
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Big Blue Ocean Cleanup
Big Blue Ocean Cleanup works to clean and maintain the world's oceans. They achieve this through a variety of methods, including beach cleanups, educational resources, and scientific research.
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The Teacher's Desk
The Teacher’s Desk is the store where teachers shop free for school supplies, books and teacher resources for students in 250 Western New York schools in need.
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Rowing Ocean's For Women
Rowing Oceans 4 Women is taking on the World's Toughest Row: a rowing race across the Pacific Ocean. These women will be rowing on behalf of Hawaii Domestic Violence Action Center and the Women's Sports Foundation.
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